*Please read the following information carefully and comply with all guidelines to keep our community safe*

When you arrive, please park in a designated parking spot. Parking is not permitted in the fire lane and if parked in the fire lane, you may be asked to move your vehicle. There is ample parking in the lot across from the climbing tower.

You will be greeted by Hemlocks staff at the “POOL ENTRANCE” door of the main building 5 minutes prior to the start of your swim lesson for your health screening. Unfortunately, due to current state issued restrictions, entrance to the building prior to your designated swim lesson time is not permitted.

You will be given a health screening (asked questions and have your temperature taken). If you have been recently exposed or are having symptoms of illness, you will not be permitted to join the swim session.  If you are feeling ill, please stay home.

It is strongly encouraged to arrive in your swim clothes. There is only one bathroom stall in each locker room. Group lessons has been adjusted to 25 minutes to allow adequate  time to change and leave the building before the next session comes in. If you or your child require more time to change, please leave this class a few minutes early. 

Face coverings are required by all participants and staff when not in the pool. Face coverings must be worn by staff and patrons at all times (except lifeguards while actively guarding) unless in the pool area. You do not need to wear a mask in the pool area, or once in the water.

Please observe one-way traffic floor signs, social distancing markers, and other guidelines posted to keep us safe.


Face coverings are required when not in the pool area

A limit of 25 people allowed per swim session to comply with state regulations and allow for necessary social distancing. To meet this goal we are requesting that guardians of school age children drop children off and wait in the car until the end of class. Our staff will walk your child back to the main entrance. If your child is younger or you would prefer to wait, only one person is allowed in the viewing area. No adults will be allowed on pool deck. 

One-way traffic indicators and other social distancing markers along with other signs to prompt compliance with recommendations from the CDC and State of Connecticut

Health screening prior to each visit

Contactless registration and payment

Lockers disabled to allow for social distancing

15 minutes reserved between each group to allow the prior group to leave and proper cleaning and sanitizing between each group. 

Hemlocks staff available to answer questions and address concerns

Spectators are not permitted on the pool deck, locker rooms or lobby under the current regulations

SHOWERS NOW AVAILABLE per state regulations- Two of the four shower heads have been disabled to allow for proper social distancing. However, we are requesting that you do not shower here to save time. 


What is the temperature of your pool?

The pool is set to 87°F. The pool can sometimes feel warmer or cooler on different days based on the outside temperature, air temperature and volume of people in the pool. This is a compromise for those who enjoy the pool at its warmest, and those who prefer to exercise in the water and need it to be cooler to do so. Temperature changes can take up to a full week to regulate in a 75,000 gallon pool.