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Parent & Child

Parent & Child is designed for ages 5 months- 3 years with parent or other adult. This is not an infant survival swim class. The parent & child swim class introduces infants and toddlers to the joys of swimming with their favorite person. In this class swimmers will: 

  • begin breath control
  • learn how to kick properly
  • be introduced to floating
  • practice important water safety skills
  • receive encouragement and guidance from their grownup. 
  • Interact with other children in a safe aquatic environment. And of course sing and play!! 
As a parent or guardian, you will join your child in the water and learn proper holds, how to cue, water safety skills to practice at home and how to encourage and guide your child in the water.


No previous swim lesson or aquatic experience necessary

Introduction to the basic skills necessary for swimming such as breath control, submerging underwater, proper kicks, back floats, safe exiting the water and more. Perfect class for nervous students or very beginners


Swimmer should be able to swim width of the pool independently on front and back. Swimmer is able to back float and front float for 10 seconds independently.

Swimmer is able to roll over for a breath independently.


Preschool-ages 3-5. Designed for children who have completed at least one round of parent and child or have prior approval from CT Swim.  Swimmers take this class without their adult in the water with them. Swimmers will focus on submersion, independent back floats, exiting the water safely, beginning stroke development, enjoy a fun and safe, no pressure learning environment with children their age. 

Advanced Beginner

This class is designed for swimmers who are still learning or are new to lessons but are comfortable in the water. Swimmer needs to be comfortable going underwater, able to swim 5 ft independently, comfortable floating on their back without assistance.


Advanced (swims in the deep end with confidence on front and back) swimmer will learn and/or perfect the four main strokes, dives and breathing techniques.

Private Lessons & Semi Private

One swimmer, one instructor.,for a more personalized learning experience. Semi Private lessons are two swimmers of a similar skill level..Ages 3-adult! 

Your Pool Our School 

Our mobile swim program. Our certified and insured swim instructors travel to your pool or location. We can offer private lessons and small group lessons for ages 3 and up! Parent and child classes are also available with groups of 3 or more children ages 5 months-3 years old! . 

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Small Group

Have a group of swimmers the same skill levels who want to swim together? Make your own small group private lessons with us! 

What our parents are saying

Jessica is a talented swim instructor. My son is finally learning to swim and has gotten over his anxiety about the water under her tutelage. We tried lessons at other places and none of them had the effect that Jessica has had. FULL AND COMPLETE RECOMMENDATION!

Victoria- mother of 7 year old swimmer